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Don’t TARGET my Blog!

Looking at my latest blog posts I realise I have not written much about blogging itself but more about related topics. Things that you may come across when you are blogging but maybe not have anticipated before starting.

I have mentioned negative comments and spam. This is something that will happen to you when you have a blog. Online presence makes you vulnerable and gives others the opportunity to target you – positive or negative. By now I have seen that some people are excellent marketers and grab every opportunity to plant links and get rid of their wares – without asking by the way.

Fortunately such comments end up in spam and I love WordPress for that. I can screen rubbish like that before I allow it on my blog. This is important as we, bloggers, spend time and effort on the content and appearance of our posts. The last thing I need is a comment that looks more like a mathematical equation than a piece of text.

Selling or being a pain….

You know what – you hard–sell-core out there….. If you would read up on the psychology behind marketing and selling, you would understand this. You would write a comment, ideally a nice one to get your foot in the door, create the necessary rapport and then cleverly introduce why you are there in the first place. Most of the time you may get my attention and I may even be enticed to follow your link to see what you have on offer.

I am aware that being online puts you in a position of being a constant target. Everybody who has something to sell sees in social media a great outlet but be aware! A friend of mine on Face Book published an outcry of frustration on his status the other day.  He was so annoyed with the amount of friends trying to flog something that he threatened to un-befriend them straight away as soon as the next sales ad would appear.

Being lured in!

To be honest Face book is a great marketing tool. I recently saw a Webinar about Face book marketing and it was mind-boggling. It is more user-friendly though to create a Face book business page in the case you like to sell or promote a product. I have signed up or liked a number of blogs and they turn out to be a daily (or more) stream of advertising for whatever.

One group I joined is creating so much stuff that twice per day I received at least 5-10 emails. The unfortunate thing is that the ads are not even appealing and I can’t figure out what this particular lady is actually promoting.  It did overwhelm me, it cluttered up my news feed and as a result I have removed the link!

I don’t consider it  fair to use a news feed that allows people to express their ‘daily stuff’ for hard sell. Neither is my blog an opportunity for others to market products or services. The name social media in itself says what it is for. It is an opportunity for people to connect, react and interact.

The issue here is where to draw the line. When does offering help and giving advice become ‘marketing? Brain food for another post I suppose…..

Who is my target audience?

How do you identify the people you write for?

I had an interesting conversation with my 18 year old daughter the other day and it made me realise who the target audience of my blog is. When posting my latest blog post there was a suggestion to add some ‘tags’ to my post. Not knowing what this meant I researched ‘tagging’ and got some answers. But it left me in the dark on how to add them. So I asked my daughter if she could enlighten me.

The fact was she couldn’t. She had a vague idea but there it stopped. I was a little disappointed as I expected her to be able to show me what to do blindfolded. We discussed this further and I realised something interesting.

Different generations – different approaches!

Most people of my generation, the ones that grew up without computers, do not automatically understand how to do things online.  If my blog suggests adding ‘tags’ they have to teach me how to do that, tell me what it means and show me the result. In other words, I need a step-by-step manual.

My daughter being from a different generation, replied that she would figure it out by playing around on the screen, push buttons and eventually would get a result. This does not mean, she added that she actually understands what she does, but, and there is the difference – she does not feel the need.

There are different ways of learning and I am very much a ‘kinaesthetic learner’ meaning that I learn the best when I physically do the things I need to learn. This in contrast to ‘visual’ and ‘auditory learners’ who get the most out of visual and auditory aids. So if I don’t get shown and do the ‘tagging’ myself I won’t learn. Or more important I won’t remember what to do the next time!

This is an on-going problem with the technical aspect of using social media. It kind of expects users to be able to navigate, add features and so on. This knowledge is absent in many people and I realised it more than ever when recently a friend asked me what a ‘blog’ actually was.

So there is my target audience!

The ones that lack technical skills, those that cannot open up any gadget without manual and those that have never heard of a tag! I have found a couple of blogs that have this simple step by step approach of explaining things and guess what!  Several of them are award winning and make a living out of blogging. That says something…………..