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Let’s talk about content!

Well, I am still debating the domain. After all it is Christmas and I am preparing to move house next week. A lot to think about and to organise. However I did mange to meet up with my young ‘web consultant’ and we brainstormed the lay-out of my ‘future’ blog for more than 2 hours.

I am excited to say the least. I am starting to see the blog in my mind and more important I can visualise it actually happening! I still can’t reveal a name but the blog will be a global extension of my business here in Brisbane and have 5 different sections. The sections are related and will be a combination of information, “how to’s”, commentaries and pictures.

Enough about that for the moment. After the meeting yesterday I like to write about ‘content of a blog’. After all that is what it is all about. That is why people read your blog. If whatever someone writes about in a blog is not interesting, repetition or even ‘stolen’ from another site, there won’t be many readers or followers.

What is good content?

So what are the rules about content? What is good content? Is that subject to taste or are there rules out there that bloggers have to adhere to?

Apparently the ‘hottest topics’ are technological and political based.  I can relate to technology as this was my reason to start this blog about ‘Blogging’. I wanted  to blog but had very little ‘clue’ about the subject.  Nevertheless I decided to start while exploring, researching and learning about it. And it works because for every blog post I publish I have to spend time reading, searching and compiling information. The result is that I am learning heaps. I was told yesterday that I knew quite a bit about the whole blogging thing already. Made me feel proud!

It’s all about simplifying…

One thing came up during my meeting. We talked about simplifying and I suddenly realised that that is what I really want to achieve. That is exactly what “Blogexercise’ is about – to simplify this enormous amount of stuff that is available on-line. Nobody has time to sift through it all and make sense out of it.

Then what is more valuable if there is someone out there that does this for you as a reader. My ‘future blog’ aims to do that within the topics I will write about. Because let’s be honest,  with millions of blogs already out there, it has to be different!  Otherwise it will be ‘old hat’!  An award-winning blogger calls it “to become the filter” for your readers ( You as a blogger providing  a ‘ready-to-read’- summary.

While elaborating about this topic  I realise there is a lot more to say about what contributes to ‘good content’. As I am not an advocate of very long posts – by the way, there seems to be something to say about that as well – I am going to dig a little deeper and continue another day.

For now have a wonderful New Year and considering that, I realise that my next post very likely will be written in 2012!