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Who reads my Blog?

My last post was about types of blog writers. There are educators, philosophers, researchers and ‘ranters’ and offcourse a mix of those and more. I have been thinking this week about readers of blogs.

Why do people read blogs? Who reads them and what makes them look for blogs?

I wonder if people have written theses about the blogging phenomenon. Years ago while living in The Netherlands I was very surprised to hear that someone was writing a PHD about Madonna. This was during the Eighties when she grew more and more in popularity. In fact she was so popular that ‘her persona’ as a PHD subject had been approved. Sometimes trends or in this case a pop star have so much impact on all aspects of life, that from a research point of view it is worthwhile to document it. It may shed some light on why we ‘as a public’ do and like things.

Could ‘blogging’ have reached that stage? As I said before, it has been around for a while. More than 70.000 new blogs are written every day and this post will be one of a million blog posts written today. Staggering statistics! Another one is that the ‘blogosphere doubles in size every 5 -6 months. Huge potential to get a message across or to find one.

What do blogs offer?

Millions of people turn to blogs for information, to read a review or to have a good laugh. Companies have started using blogs to promote products and to create forums where their products and services can be discussed online. Blogging has made it easy to see what competitors do as the ‘online debate’ is transparent and there for anyone to see and to comment upon.

Combined with the fact that we all can start writing and share our ideas, knowledge and wit, blogging as a subject must be on the list of research topics. After a bit of research on this matter I actually came across a blog post that was called ‘10 reasons to blog even if nobody reads it’ (  The writer of this blog has made it his business to research the blogging phenomenon in the corporate world. And his conclusion is that the blog as a tool is vastly growing and benefits business growth. The title was a little bit misleading as several of the 10 reasons made very little sense without a readership!

An interesting question would be the following. Would people still write a blog if they knew that nobody reads it? How much do you blog for yourself and how much for an audience?

Personally I started writing this blog for myself. I want to document my own thoughts and see if it can help me to develop my ‘future’ blog. But I can’t deny that I felt a thrill when I saw that I had followers!

So who does read blogs?

An annual survey ( on 17,000 blog readers came up with the following results.

  • 61 of blog readers are over 30
  • 75% earn over U$ 45,000
  • 21% are bloggers themselves
  • 54% of their news intake is online

17,000 readers may not be a ‘scientific’  representation but at least it gives an indication…