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A blogger on holiday

Being connected

In my last post I did mention that I was going to be on holiday and that I did not expect to be able to publish more than one post per week. At least I was realistic as that is how it turns out to be. Even one post per week seems to be hard. One of the reasons being lack of internet service although that is not the main reason.

As the blogger in the family we decided to only take my laptop as it is a necessary tool for writing and publishing posts. My kids were horrified with the prospects of having reduced access to a computer for 5 weeks. However the persistent look on their faces indicated that they were already visualising using my laptop. So it turns out that the main reason for my lack of blogging is that the computer is being used by others. When ‘my time’ finally has come it either is 2 am, I am too tired, the computer is flat or the adaptor is in use for a mobile phone.

As a result my last post dates from July 12th and today it is already July 18th. I really feel like a blogger on holiday and usually when you are on holiday you don’t have to work. Still I feel a little apprehensive to let it go. I suppose it is a bit like having your own business. It is harder to leave that behind.

Getting inspired……….

The thing I have been doing is getting more inspiration for the design of my ‘gourmet and style’ blog. I have been taking heaps of pictures that I can pass on to my designer to give her a better idea of what I have in mind. Her proposals so far were very professional and attractive but not what I have in mind. Too much glossy magazine style. What I am after is a touch more natural and organic. It appears it is hard to get such feelings or moods across.

It has been a tricky journey so far and I am still not sure whether I should just start with a hosted blog or a self-hosted design that is not entirely to my satisfaction. The ‘blogging opinions’ regarding that vary. I like to quote Jung as he kind of hits the nail on the head:

‘Perfection is for the Gods’.

He reckons that it is not about perfection but you should try to be as good as you can. At the moment that is what I am trying to achieve and I will remain persistent a little longer in getting it right. Not perfect just a bit more right!

After all my blog will be like ‘my office’. I want it to be a place where I like to go and love to be. As simple as that. What remains now is to go a couple of floors lower to be able to connect to the internet and publish this post.

Salut et à la prochaine!