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Do bloggers get writers block?

I wonder if bloggers ever run out of something to say. I have mentioned before that my inspiration comes and goes. It is in general the most fruitful when I have just finished a blog post. Exploring certain topics opens up the road to other content. Many bloggers get inspiration from reading other blogs or their comments. And offcourse when you have heaps of traffic yourself there will be many comments and the ideas will just flow.

When your blog becomes a chore

What should you do when writing becomes a chore? There may be times in your life that blogging is not your first priority and other things take over. Depending on the type of blog you have, it may be appropriate to admit that. If you speak the truth – your truth – you may find that the words come easily even when you have got a lot of other things on your mind.

In fact when you are honest it could well be that your readers can better connect with you. You could tell them that you did not feel coming out of bed and spent the day in your pyjamas. I bet there will be many who wish they had the courage to do the same! Just take a break and let your readers know when you will be back.

Blogging should always come from the heart. When it becomes something you feel you ought to do, it is not optional anymore. I bet that whatever you write about won’t be that captivating, could be repetitive or lacks originality.

When to have a break

Another thing that could stop you from blogging is when you get ill. Can you imagine writing something worthwhile when the only thing you like to do is cuddling up in bed with a hot water bottle and a box of tissues? My suggestion in that case would be – give it a break!

There are a couple of things that you can do when you suffer from writers block, are sick or just want a break. Being sick or a having a holiday may grant a real break!  Writers block on the other hand may be a good opportunity to do some reviewing, do a recap or dig up those old posts you have written but never published.

It may also be a chance to evaluate the success of your blog or look at ways to improve the amount of readers or how you market your blog. Stepping back, evaluate and reflect may well get the juices going again!