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EDIT – Should you or should you not?

I am still a bit puzzled about the editing of comments you get on your blog posts. I have asked several people and most of them seem to be slightly amazed that this is possible. I have enquired about this with a law student but she did not know anything regarding this matter.

My previous blog post is partly about the above topic and one of the comments I got as a result was that I should not waste my time on the correcting or editing of other’s comments on my blog. I personally don’t see it as wasting time but more as clarifying what a commenter is trying to express especially when the English is not too good. After all blog post comments contribute to the social aspect of blogging – it helps to create a sense of community. With that in mind I feel that it helps when the English is good enough to be understood by all readers.

Bad English versus bad intent

As my mother tongue is not English I can relate to the difficulties you can experience when you need to express yourself in a different language. There is always Google translate but too often the translation is not correct or out of context. Google tends to translate word by word and this can have funny results when you translate a sentence. Out of experience I know how easy it is to choose the wrong word from a Thesaurus although much to the pleasure of others.

When I refer to editing comments I am not indicating ‘changing’ comments in such a way that the meaning has a total different impact. A comment is meant to be an expression of someone’s opinion and a blog is offering the opportunity to leave comments. Whether such comments are positive or negative is in this context irrelevant unless they are rude and/or have nothing to do with the content that is witten. Nobody needs comments like that and they should not be approved in the first place. Thankfully most blog hosts will pick them up as spam.

It seems an interesting problem. What I would like to know is whether editing a comment is considered acceptable? We live in a world where Privacy Laws are a growing phenomenon and we have to be careful nowadays what we say, write or disclose when it comes to others. Should commenting on blogs and the editing of such comments be part of this trend?

The general consensus so far seems to be that it is questionable but then why does WordPress give bloggers the option?

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  1. hi there
    before reading your posts, editing comments on my blog had never even occurred to me, and i am an editor by profession! (i’m on blogger, not wordpress.) the other day, i received a comment on a rather contentious issue and the writer was obviously upset by what i had written. she had, however, rather missed the point and the grammar and spelling were not good. i wrote what i hope was a reasoned reply, but the state of the original comment was not insignificant i felt, and to correct it would have been inappropriate.
    best wishes

    • It is an interesting discussion. My intention with this blog is to investigate all aspects that are relevant to setting up a blog, maintaining a blog and monetising a blog. Dealing with comments is part of it. Thanks for your input!

  2. It is easy to identify with your desire to make sure those commenting on your blog are understood and it appears you are attempting to be helpful to both the commenter as well as the reader. Of course, I can only assume and think I know what you mean based on my interpretation and perception of your words.
    Unless you are close friends and/or family to your commenter, it would be near impossible for you to know exactly what your commenter intends, whether they are using English incorrectly, or if they are merely misspelling words by accident. Their intention and perception, and yours, will always be based on personal experiences and world views and cannot ever truly be known by those without close personal social experience.
    If you spend your time making your own words communicate to the reader as clearly as you can your intentions, your blog is likely to gain many more commenters. The more you have, the more time they would take to edit, and the less time you would have to clarify your own…the only ones you are 100% sure of what is intended.

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