Has blogging got a future?

“Is Blogging dead?”

A serious question raised some time ago by American Internet entrepreneur and blogger Jason Calacanis. Calacanis says it quite frankly during an interview last year: “There are a lot of stupid people out there ….and stupid people shouldn’t write”. He feels that the blogging system has to change to stop the above group from writing. I honestly thought we lived in a society with freedom of expression.

I have written about blogging and expertise in the past and a question that comes to my mind is the following? How important is it to ‘know’ about the topic you blog about? And if it is important to be knowledgeable or even an expert how “extensive” should your expertise be?

An answer to this question goes back to the essence of what a blog is and why people blog. There are many different types of blogs. Some are informative, some are educational and some are just fun. Deep down it does not matter – point is that anyone can start a blog and use it to publish his or her thoughts. People have a voice and a blog is a means to express that voice.

Our motives to blog

It is not hard to start a blog but publishing a blog does not mean that anyone reads it. Even that may not be important to some people especially if they write for family and friends. For the entrepreneurs amongst you this may be slightly a different scenario. Your audience is more important and the size of your readership could make your blog a success or not. But does no readership mean the blog is a failure?

If I have a look at my own blog, things seem to have changed. I started ‘Blogexercise’ for myself to dabble at blogging and to learn all aspects while engaging in the blogging activity. A great opportunity I still think! Initially I did not think too much about readers and the blog was no more than a mode of expressing myself and my thoughts.

Then however, I started to get comments and followers. Feels great by the way! I am by no means an expert in blogging as yet but I am on my way to becoming knowledgeable. So by now you could say that readership could have more impact. Well in a certain way it does but it still has no influence on me writing posts and researching the world of blogging. I still go my own way and occasionally take some comments in mind and combine them with my content.

That makes it more interesting and I am somehow addressing issues that others may have regarding blogging. And that is what experts do, don’t they? So my question is the following: ‘what is against that’? Why does Jason Calacanis have such an outspoken opinion about large amounts of bloggers being too stupid to say something worthwhile’?

Calacanis reckons that nobody cares for insignificant news anymore – if you blog you will have to be an expert otherwise nobody cares. That may be, but such a view could also lead to missing out on opportunities and not having a go at something. After all Jason Calacanis must once have been a new kid on the block just as many novice ‘stupid’ bloggers out there.

Just to get a perspective….

About blogexercise

This blog is to record my blogging progress and my day to day thoughts on how to become a professional blogger.

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  1. Very interesting! I’m not an expert on anything, not even my own life. And yet, I blog. And people read it. Not many people, to be sure, but those few have found something there; there’s some reason they come back.

    Whether or not bloggers or their topics are “stupid”, whether the writing is poorly executed or masterful – those are simply matters of opinion. I have visited plenty of blogs that others just love. And sometimes I just don’t get it – don’t enjoy the writing, don’t feel an affinity for the writer. I’m not wrong, or right. There simply is no connection.

    I think anyone should be able to blog, just like anyone can have an account on YouTube, Flickr, Tout, Etsy, Pinterest, etc. It’s all about creative and personal expression. Perhaps more than that, it’s about sharing, connection and community. It’s important that we all are allowed to find or create our own little communities. Jason need not be a part of my community, nor I his. We have that choice.

    In my opinion, people who express such broad, harsh statements typically have emotional reasons. I doubt Jason researched and analyzed blogging, and then came to a sound conclusion. His statement is an emotional, angry one, not factually or thoughtfully based. (Are there any researchable facts about “stupid” bloggers?) I’m curious what all those supposedly “stupid” writers have done to him. Maybe it’s that many of them have a larger readership than he does? I wonder. That kind of anger is based on something.

  2. Absolutely, I totally agree. It is indeed someone’s opinion and very likely not based on sound research. Why would blogging be so popular in the first place? It is your voice and you have the freedom to express it through whatever media. Thanks for your comment and I will explore what you write about as the quality of your comment makes me curious!

  3. Thanks for subscribing! I forgot to like this post, and I was just trying to find you again so that I could read more of your blog today, and there you were in my inbox! I never saw your reply and it was too far back for me to track my own comment. I will be back to look around some more, for sure!

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