Claiming your blog on Technorati

A while back I wrote an article about some numbers and statistics related to blogging. If you are interested look up my post ‘Number Crunching’ from 28th Feb this year. In that post I wrote about Technorati, an internet search engine for searching blogs. It focuses primarily on blogs and it will pick up anything with an RSS feed that has been claimed by Technorati.

Apparently you can ‘claim’ your blog on Technorati. By doing this you will add your blog to the so-called Technorati ‘blog directory’. Claiming your blog allows you to attach your Technorati profile to your blog to give yourself more online promotion And it allows you to add keywords and descriptions to your blog to make it easier for other people to find your blog. In other words if you like others to find your blog, this is an excellent way to get more traffic.

How to sign up for Technorati?

Technorati says the following: ‘Claiming your blog establishes that you are its author and enables Technorati services that will increase your blog’s visibility’.

First of all you need to create an account with Technorati. This is easy and should not take more than 5 minutes. After signing up you will receive an email to activate your account. It really is as simple as I say as I have just done it while I am writing this article!

My next step will be to claim ‘Blogexercise’. This will take a little more time as apart from answering the usual questions I will have to write a small ‘bio’ and add a picture. Furthermore I have to come up with a site description and choose categories in which Blogexercise will be listed in the blog directory.

All done! Although I did not add a picture yet. They have given me a claim status number and there is a waiting period for them to verify everything I have filled in and if I am really the author of Blogexercise. I suppose that is all I can do so far. I am not sure how long it will take for them to finalise my claim.

The next step is also easy. It does not require any effort on your behalf. If you’ve claimed your blog and it is accepted, it should automatically update to Technorati.

So what’s next?

What I do have to learn is how to tag my posts. I have been receiving some comments regarding that – mainly that I was doing it wrong. My next step is therefore to check out what this tagging is all about.

During the sign up process I had to fill in a section that was asking for tags and I have filled in the words that I feel are the most relevant to finding my blog. Hey but who knows whether that is the way to go. I’ll keep you posted.

If you have not claimed your blog on Technorati but would like to do so, follow the link and have a go!

About blogexercise

This blog is to record my blogging progress and my day to day thoughts on how to become a professional blogger.

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  1. Fascinating blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog shine. Please let me know where you got your theme. With thanks

  2. Thanks a lot for your compliment. The Theme I used is ‘Mystique” from WordPress.
    Read my post from Feb 21, 2012
    Good luck!

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