Writing for income…

Wouldn’t it be nice?

I wonder how many aspiring writers are out there.  Due to the internet the dream of being able to express your ‘voice’ has come a lot closer to many people. After all the internet allows anyone to publish without the consent of a publishing company.  It’s that easy!

As a result millions of people will have a go at this, the competition will be fierce and the ultimate trick is ‘how to stand out’.  The entrepreneurial amongst you very likely have already tapped in to this world of online writing. You will have written material on ‘how to’ go about this online writing phenomena as soon as it was out there.

‘How to’ information

Apparently some of the most popular non-fiction is ‘how to’ information. Quite amazing that even in a world where information is abundant, there seems to be a shortage of organised facts, knowledge and wisdom. People crave for ‘how to do’ articles, step by step guidance and ‘the ten best things’ lists.

Let’s have a closer look at this. Imagine you need information about how to prune a plant. The first thing you do is a Google search and you’ll find that there are countless sites to choose from. You sift through some of them but find that nothing is totally relevant to your specific problem or question. You rephrase your request and some more sites appear. Again not exactly the answer you are looking for.

Frustration levels are rising because you did not want to spend too much time looking this up as you really want to spend your energy on pruning your plant. Now imagine if there was this little concise guide that told you exactly ‘how to’ prune your plant, what tool to use, how to get cuttings and even what to do with your garden waste.

Anybody can do it!

There are many blogs that have become big businesses because they are doing just that – compiling and re-creating information. Short and to the point advice for people that are not that savvy in a particular area. It’s a simple concept and readily available to everybody who owns a computer and has access to the internet.

The bottom line is the following. If you love writing and you have an analytical mind, you can make money out of organising information and offering it in a more accessible form to your readers. Just imagine – blogs, eBooks, tutorials, pod casts and what else the trend is at the moment. Again it’s as easy as that!

I personally love writing! By writing this ‘blog about blogging’ I have realised that more than anything. In fact I have always been attracted to it. I have a big pile of diaries that reflect on my life, my travelling, emigrating, having kids and much more. About a year ago I indulged in reading some of those stories and I have to admit that I had the feeling on many occasions that I was reading about someone else’s life! I have never contemplated to publish any of them but if I wanted the opportunities are within my reach.

So if there is the slightest ambition in you to write a book or a blog and you feel you have something to offer, there has never been a better time to do it. To say it metaphorically – the ‘world wide web’ is your oyster. 

About blogexercise

This blog is to record my blogging progress and my day to day thoughts on how to become a professional blogger.

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