Blog speak……

LOL – OMG – C U L8R – MOL – ROTF!!??

Do you understand this language? Am I supposed to get this? I feel I should as I see it used on a regular base in various social media. As most professions or specialised activities have developed their own jargon there is a special language for bloggers called ‘web speak’.

Call me ‘old fashioned’ but I am not keen on this new language. The same as I have an issue with the lack of grammar I am not an advocate of ‘web speak’ and I am pleased to see that some critics call it a sign of ‘our moral and aesthetic decline’.

However as many words and expressions are more and more established and widely used by people from all walks of life I feel ‘blog speak’ should be part of a blog about blogging.

Blog speak

First of all here are some words that have been introduced as a result of blogging but are now ‘insiders’ language.

  • The word ‘blog’ is jargon itself as it stands for ‘web log’
  • Jargon of a blog is called ‘blargon
  • Spam is jargon and was first used in the early nineties. Since then it has become a verb (spamming)and has been combined with other words  – e.g. spambot and spam comment
  • Then there is ‘blogerati’ – those amongst us who are experienced and sophisticated bloggers

There is much more and it is funny to see that also in ‘blog speak’ certain things have acquired a sexual under-tone. So believe it or not, in ‘blargon’ you can find ‘linky love’, ‘link slut’ and even ‘blogasm’!

Someone in Sydney has gone so far to develop a dictionary for bloggers. It is called ‘blogosary’ and in it you can find many words used in and for blogs and their meanings.

Blog acronyms

Here are some fun abbreviations that you may have seen or use yourself.

BFF      best friends forever

TTYL     talk to you later

AFAIK   as far as I know

LOL       laughing out loud

OTOH   on the other hand

JK         just kidding

L8TR     later

WTG     way to go

ROFL    rolling around on the floor laughing

BRB      be right back

PITA     pain in the ass

NAA     not another acronym!

I suppose using acronyms and other types of blog jargon is a matter of taste and new abbreviations will come and go. It is at your disposal but it is not something I will adapt to very easily.

ILITT!  See who can figure that one out….

About blogexercise

This blog is to record my blogging progress and my day to day thoughts on how to become a professional blogger.

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