Finally progress…

I started Blogexercise in November 2011 as an experiment and I have written over 25 posts so far. I wanted to explore the blogging world or better blogosphere before I ventured into having a blog. Sounds bizarre but so be it.

I like to call it research and preparation for the real stuff. Anybody who wants to set up a business will have to do market research and acquire some expertise about what they are about to do. Just open up a random business book and you’ll find that one of the biggest cause of failure is lack of preparation.

My market research started with a blog. A blog is of such a nature that you can ‘explore’ while you are doing it. Imagine setting up a business and being able to have a practice run without it costing you a cent.

What’s next in line?

Digging deeper into the blogging world has taught me heaps and I feel very comfortable to explain blogging to someone and believe me there are many people out there who would not be able to tell you what a blog is!  Also I have the expertise now to guide someone in making important decisions that I feel need to be made before starting.

In sum Blogexercise exists because I needed an outlet to help me make decisions about a blog about my passion. There are many things that fall into this category but a couple of things jump out being ‘styling of homes and gardens’ and anything to do with ‘food, wine and entertaining’. I have been dabbling at it through various small business ventures, some more successful than others.

Suddenly last year the idea of a blog hit me and it all began. And here I am blogging away and now with the confirmation that I love blogging and have in fact lots of to say.

The first baby steps!

Last week I have had a meeting with a young computer techie who is going to develop my blog. I have decided to have my own domain and buy hosting and will continue with WordPress. I have looked at BlogSpot, TypePad and others but feel comfortable enough with WordPress. So why change?

My ‘techie’ and I have discussed the concept and the appearance and after I have submitted a couple of mock posts she can have a go at it. I was asked to deliver some great pictures as well.  I like to use my own pictures and I have a love relationship with my camera already for decades. I even ventured in to studying the topic at art school a long time ago. So here I am shooting ‘great’ pictures from various food items, plants and interiors. Good fun and I have been able to create some suitable footage.

It’s all part of the game!

When reflecting on this post I realise it is not about anything new or something that can educate you about another facet of blogging. It has turned out to be an evaluation and explanation of the purpose of Blogexercise. Such thought processes are relevant though when you want to start blogging unless you don’t care about things like planning and making the right decisions.

Anything you start can be changed at a later stage – very likely with some more effort or costs but it can be done. No need for panic but for me personally ‘taking my time’ has helped to step back, look at the various options I have, ask for opinions, read up on it and then let myself be guided by all these ‘bits’. Quite often the final choice just appears as it did with my blog about homes and food.

I have decided I will continue with Blogexercise as there is a lot more to say – maybe not as frequent when the next blog is alive. It can take a bit of time to prepare a good post – at least if you aim for relevance, novelty, truth and entertainment.  Happy blogging!

About blogexercise

This blog is to record my blogging progress and my day to day thoughts on how to become a professional blogger.

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