Number crunching…

With so many blogs around you wonder who finds and reads your blog. We are overwhelmed with information and yet we love spending time seeking out more. The number of people who write blogs is growing steadily and the reasons for blogging are numerous. I thought it might be interesting to explore this a bit further and I came across the following.

Technorati, an internet search engine for searching blogs, releases every year a report called the State of the Blogosphere. Since 2004 they have followed trends and measured growth in the blogosphere.  The 2011 study reports on topics such as media, branding, marketing, monetisation and changes within the blogosphere,

It’s interesting reading especially if you are a number cruncher. The report shows some remarkable figures displayed in easy graphs. Technorati used to follow blogs worldwide but seem to concentrate nowadays only on English blogs.

Some interesting findings

Technorati divides bloggers into various categories – hobbyist, professional part time and full time, corporate and entrepreneurs. Most bloggers are between 25 and 45 year of age and in this group the part time professional writers are represented the best. More than three quarters of the world’s bloggers are from the USA, Canada and Europe.

People spend 1-3 hours per week blogging and write between 2-3 posts. Professional full time bloggers spend over 35 hours per week and post 1-2 per day. And believe it or not there are some who post up to ten times per day!

The largest percentage of bloggers gets their inspiration from other blogs. Against my expectations as I would have thought that people tend to blog because they have this burning desire to write about something that is important or of interest to them. The second source of inspiration is conversations with friends. I can relate to that. Once you have started blogging, many everyday discussions with friends have the potential of becoming the subject of your next blog post.

The increasing impact of blogs

Blogs are seen more and more as a serious source of information. They will keep on growing in popularity and bloggers believe that more people will be getting their ‘news fix’ from blogs than from traditional media sources over the next 5 years.

To me blogs represent a source of information with a ‘human element’. I find myself looking for blog communities and forums when I need ‘brainstorm’ information. I am aware this type of info could be subjective but if you read various sources you will get a fair idea. People who talk about something out of experience can make you aware of the benefits or lack of benefits of a product or service.

Traditional media or advertising tends to concentrate on the features of a product and service. It may be considered more’ objective’ but I can’t tell from features what the potential benefits could be. Seeing someone elaborating in a blog may well help me decide. Then I like to add that I am not so sure about the traditional media sources being that ‘objective’ either but that is a different subject altogether!

About blogexercise

This blog is to record my blogging progress and my day to day thoughts on how to become a professional blogger.

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