It is time for a recap!

I have written 20 blog posts so far. I like to ‘recap’ and have a look at all the stuff I have been exploring on Blogexercise. I am a logical person and function the best when presented with logical information.  My experience has taught me that I am not the quickest in internalising technology but once I understand how it works, it usually is there for life.

One thing I have noticed and realised is that there is a lot of information about all aspects of blogging available in books, blogs and general on the web. Some is informative and some is a little confusing, contradicting abnd sometimes even incomplete or incorrect! This in a nutshell has lead to my motive for “Blogexercise’. I like to strive for simplification!

For the average person the amount of info out there may be daunting and confusing and not exactly entice someone to have a go at blogging. Hence the birth of the hosted websites such as WordPress, Blogger and TypePad. They have been successful in making blogging more accessible to all people, web savvy or not. And this brings me to the first decision a blogger needs to make before getting started!

Planning Stage

→First decision to make is ‘hosted or self-hosted platform’

  • Hosted refers to starting a blog on a developer hosed software platform
  • Self hosting refers to own domain, own server and more complicated set-up

→To make that decision you will need to know the following:

  • How do you want your blog to look (appearance)?
  • What do you want to do in your blog (text, pictures)?
  • Assess how ‘technical savvy’ you are (be realistic)

→To give an answer to these questions you have to:

  • Research other blogs
  • Decide on the purpose of the blog
  • Evaluate your technical knowledge or have access to assistance

Choosing the platform

If you choose hosted, the next choice you need to make is which host. The most popular ones are:

  • WordPress  (no costs)
  • Blogger or BlogSpot (no costs)
  • TypePad (charges)

If you choose self hosting, you need to;

  • Choose and research a domain for your blog
  • Choose a host
  • Design your blog yourself or get help

Looking at it now I don’t know why it took me so long to get this sorted. It looks simple and straight forward but believe me it did not look that way to me when I started! I also like to point out to all people out there who consider themselves technically on a higher level – this blog post is not written for you. It is written for those who feel intimidated, would like to give blogging a try but don’t now really what it is all about or what to do. You may not believe me but I get on a regular base the following question thrown at me:

What is a blog……………………..

About blogexercise

This blog is to record my blogging progress and my day to day thoughts on how to become a professional blogger.

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