Who doesn’t like a ‘good old rant’?

In a previous post I have talked about different roles a blogger can have. Some like to educate, show and tell, others prefer to entertain and make people laugh and there are some who just want to have a ‘good old rant’.

What kind of blogger are you?

I have not really decided what my role is– it could be a mixture of several. I am a bit of a ranter and I have very likely annoyed people with various tales of criticism regarding a simple cup of coffee or a shop assistant. Australians can come across as a laid back bunch and my ‘Dutch’ bluntness combined with several years of ‘Swiss time keeping’ experience makes me sometimes a tough nut to crack! But it works in two ways – some people may not see where I am coming from but it is the same for me. I don’t see why I have to tolerate another badly made coffee and pay over 4 dollars for it. As if it is a privilege…

The opportunity to ‘speak out loud’

One of the reasons that social media and in particular blogging may be so popular is that we all like to have the occasional criticism, whinge, whine and rant. And what is better than doing it online ‘anonymously’ without having to face anyone?

Another thing I like is educating people – showing people ‘the how and the what’ of things. Looking at my working life, there has been a lot of educating. About wines and food, health, counselling and home and garden design. And at the moment about ‘blogging’. My blog ‘Blogexercise’ was totally unintentional and came about rather spontaneously. I had been planning a blog about several topics but I felt that I needed to explore this blogging business a little further before I wanted to commit. I have decided I prefer to self-host my blog and that requires a little more preparation.

So ‘Blogexercise’ is a bit like having an ‘apprenticeship’ – it enables me to train on the job and it is helping me. I am learning a lot and I have started to enjoy blogging about this topic. So much that I like to continue – not only for myself but also for others. Since I started blogging about ‘blogging’ I have come to the realisation that many people do not have a clue what blogging is and how to go about it. And ‘the educator’ in me has thereby found a grateful audience for those who like to have a go at it themselves.

About blogexercise

This blog is to record my blogging progress and my day to day thoughts on how to become a professional blogger.

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