Choosing a title

What is a good title for your blog post?

A couple of posts ago I mentioned I had trouble finding the right title for my post. I suppose that is something worthwhile exploring. Again there are two issues here being the ‘appeal of the title’ and the ‘effect’ it has for Search Engine Optimisation. The latter having some weight if you want to increase your traffic and readership.

When you are linking your post to for example Facebook it seems that the first few lines of your post are going to be the bit of text that is visible there. So if you start rambling on about a non related issue that is what is shown on Facebook.  This may not be what you had in mind as these few lines should ideally reflect the essence of the post. This is what will attract people to either read it or dismiss it. Considering the amount of stuff people get thrown into their laps daily you’ll have to say something that stands out!

Tips for your blog post title!

To my opinion it should reflect the main point of your topic. I hate titles that lure you in but when you start reading you realise you won’t get the answer they promised. I think it is very simple. You write a piece and give it the title it deserves, nothing more or less.

That does not mean that it can’t be witty, sharp or quirky. Even metaphorical.  Ideally it will be!  And this may require some thought or even talent to satisfy the marketing buffs amongst us.

Secondly it may be helpful if it has a keyword in it. If you write about titles of blogs, the title should tell that it is about that subject. Otherwise people can’t find it. You may come up with a clever wordplay but not everyone or Google has the same imagination. You can always show your talent in the post itself!

How long should a title be? The shorter the better I would say. General consensus seems to be a maximum of 5 words. Not that easy as a keyword and description in your title gets you easily over that mark. My first choice was ‘How to choose a title for your blog post’.  I realise this is not within those parameters. It needs to be more concise.

I am opting for short and to the point this time as I can’t think of anything quirky in 3- 5 words!

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This blog is to record my blogging progress and my day to day thoughts on how to become a professional blogger.

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