How often should you post on your blog?

Are there any rules regarding post frequency or is it up to the writer?

A week has gone by before I have had a chance to even think about ‘blogging’. Let alone write something. Reasons were moving house, impending root canal treatment and no internet access. Apparently it takes 10 days to relocate internet with our provider! And they made the mistake of terminating our service at our old house before the moving date.

Anyway, everything is set up and here we go. As I was a little worried about not being able to post anything it seems like a good idea to investigate the frequency of posting.

How often should you post something?

A tricky question to answer and I like to start looking at it from my own point of view. How often do I follow a blog?

Time and Interest….

Practically I don’t have the time or the interest to read some-one’s blog on a daily base. I like to compare it to a TV program. From past experience I know that I can look forward to seeing the next weekly episode of a certain program. The question is ‘would I still be that eager if that program was shown daily?’ I doubt it! In fact I know I wouldn’t do that as I get daily emails sent to me and I hardly read them even though they are about a topic of interest!

Needs and value…

Would it be different if some-one writes a blog about a topic I want to learn about, offers information I need and see tremendous value in. Could I read that daily? Would I be eagerly looking forward to reading the next blog post or would I still be affected by ‘information overload’?

Readers’ anticipation…

Now let’s turn this around and see it from the reader’s point of view.  If I publish information that interest and benefits people, they will very likely return to my blog to see what I have to say next. The more often I am writing interesting and valuable content the more reason there is for them to visit my blog over and over again. This is offcourse what bloggers dream off – a growing pool of readers, followers and subscribers.

Search Engine Optimisation…

There is another point to this. The more frequent I publish a blog post the more entries I create in terms of search engine optimisation. In other words the more I am out there in the blogosphere, the more opportunities there are to find me. And this leads in generally to higher traffic. And if high traffic is my goal I may have to compromise slightly on other factors!

So what is the answer to this: ‘Does the frequency of posting matter?’

  • It matters if you bore and frustrate your readers, make them feel overwhelmed or burn them out.
  • And it matters if your readers are hanging out for more of your knowledge and great tips.

The trick may be to find the right ‘rhythm and consistency’ where I as the writer have something interesting to say on a regular base and you as the reader can see value in it, learn from it and hopefully will be looking forward to the next post!

A nice aim to have!

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This blog is to record my blogging progress and my day to day thoughts on how to become a professional blogger.

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