Time to reflect….

How am I going?

I am thrilled to see that I get the occasional ‘like’ and even followers for my blog. It shows that someone is reading it. Great feeling but more important at this stage is that I have an outlet to put my thoughts, feelings, elaborations, ideas and what more on paper. The more I write, re-read my own posts and think about it, the clearer the picture gets of what my ‘future’ blog will look like and what it is about.

Business plan as a blog

Doing this blog as an exercise is like writing a ‘business plan’ while I am already ‘kind of’ doing the business. Quite a luxury as it does not cost me anything and I can’t lose money. But I get to practice!  

So far I am happy with what I have learned and philosophised about but as I look at the actual lay-out of my blog posts I have to admit that I haven’t spend much time on the technical aspects. I have not even added categories. My categories are uncategorised. I am a little ashamed to say that I don’t really know how to do that.

A friend of my daughter is venturing into web design and knows quite a bit about blogs, platforms, design and coding. She is only 18 by the way. She is willing to meet up with me and discuss how to make my future blog look ‘pretty’ as she describes it herself. I may have to consult her as well for ‘Blogexercise’. Just to find out what possibilities I have with this blog in WordPress.com.

Time to get the domain name!

One thing I will do next week is to buy my domain. I have brainstormed, debated, discussed with trustworthy people and even dreamt about what name to register. I need to keep my options open as I have aspirations for 5 blogs that cover various topics but are all related. The bottom line is that the name has to be applicable to all aspects.  It also has to be quirky, fun and ideally show what the blogs are about.

I am not asking too much, am I?

I think I have something and I am happy to make it official. When that is done, there is nothing to stop me to start the real blog and my meeting next week with my daughter’s friend will fit in the schedule perfectly. What a great way to start the New Year. Not only a resolution but also an action plan. I feel inspired…

I won’t make it too long today. After all it is Christmas. Maybe not where all of you are but where I am it is and it time for breakfast and presents!

A Merry Christmas to all my readers and followers!


About blogexercise

This blog is to record my blogging progress and my day to day thoughts on how to become a professional blogger.

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  1. keep up the good work in the learning department – I will be picking your brains for when I start my own blog!! Merry Christmas

  2. Can’t wait! Merry Christmas to you and your family

  3. I am enjoying your blog Marijke, very interesting indeed and much more more involved than one would think…..

    Wishing you every success for 2012!

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