Monthly Archives: November 2011

What are our reasons and motives to blog……

The last couple of months I have been thinking about wanting to write a blog. Actually I have gone further than thinking about it. I have been researching it – I have been looking at the why, how, when and where of writing a blog. And I have discovered that there is a whole specialised blogosphere out there. Apparently already for years. Actually there are dozens of people who make a living out of blogging and some are very successful.

Statistics show that the number of blogs written are a staggering 12 billion and in any one day bloggers  write over 42 million posts. These are amazing figures and make you wonder how on earth some-one’s blog can be found. It personally makes me think ‘ why would I even bother starting one’.

Why do people write blogs?

What is it that we hope to achieve with blogging?  And why do we want to make it available for anyone to read? If it is about sorting out our inner thoughts or to describe a certain road we travel, then writing a diary will do the job.  People have been writing diaries for ages and many have been published in book form. There must be more to it than keeping track of one’s thoughts.  Deep down we must crave for recognition and the hope that there are people out there who like what we write.

Being published used to be a privilege for a handful of writers. There are many ‘writers’ whose manuscript never get to see the daylight and we all know at least one ‘wannabe’ who dreams of writing the book that’s in him while sipping a glass of red wine.

Blogging seems a way to publish whatever we want to say without having to deal with potential rejections of publishers. Experienced bloggers even self-publish e-books. Imagine if K.J.Rowlings would have had that option, she would not have had to deal with 16 rejections! In the end she did okay though…

What a blog can do…

The internet has given many people the opportunity to make their thoughts available to the public. It has also given us the opportunity to create communities such as the ones we used to have in our daily lives. This is a bizarre phenomenon because we have spent years to create boundaries to separate ourselves from the outside world. And here we are blogging away with the hope to reach others. Quite often anonymously though…..